Can:Do 4Kids



Dinner in the Dark: Fundraiser Event

I had the privilege of being invited to shoot content for the 10th ever Dinner in the Dark event held by Can:Do 4Kids. This fundraiser brought together over 300 people to celebrate the wonderful work that Can:Do 4Kids does in the community to help children and young people who are blind, deaf, have low vision, are hard of hearing, or have diverse needs such as development delay or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The event consisted of pre-drinks showcasing local wineries and Can:Do 4Kids partners followed by a 3 course meal; however, the idea of the whole night is for guests to experience what it is like for someone who is blind to eat. Guests are invited to where blind folds for the entirety of the time they are eating, and this created a great atmosphere and experience for those attending.

Throughout the event, I was tasked with creating a short video to showcase the experiences of the night as well as capture some highlights of the different aspects of what the guests experienced.

It was a pleasure to work with Can:Do 4Kids


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